Powerbuilder to ASP.NET

Migrating PowerBuilder Application to ASP.NET

At Zobi Web Solutions, we provide an opportunity to our Engineers to be creative and think out of the box to explore new technology solutions for challenging modern day problems. We develop new tools and techniques to enhance and automate IT processes to provide better business outcomes for our customers as well as for our own company. Our efforts to explore and develop innovative solutions are driven by the direction of our top-notch technical advisors, valuable feedback from clients, trends in the IT industry, and the bright minds of our employees.
One of the solutions that we propose as part of our efforts is to convert existing Powerbuilder Applications into ASP.NET based Application. Although, the word Migration do not justify the efforts we place but we have to use that in order to emphasize the true nature of our work. Basically, any migration work takes as little as 10 minutes. What we are exactly going to be doing is a “rewrite”.

When we Rewrite the Powerbuilder Application into ASP.NET codes, there are few things that needs to be considered. The time needs to be measured as a rewrite of same Codes, Business Logic and Validations. The risk needs to be measured as a rewrite. And the design effort should be measured as a rewrite.

We are emphasizing Rewrite and Design Effort because the word “Migrate” conjures up images of some translation mirroring the original. Why would anyone want to replicate the same coding design mistakes that were made back few years ago? Even with excellent quality code, I’d guess that excellent design choices in PowerBuilder may be awful design choices in ASP.NET and C#. No, one can afford to be living with the consequences of neglecting a good ASP.NET and C# design for the next coming years. That is why a Rewrite is important.


Any customer having current system built in PowerBuilder and wants to have latest technological advancement induced in their system prefer to migrate it to .NET


Any Software written using PowerBuilder language would be out-of-date by now. The owners/company would face challenge of shortage of available PowerBuilder resources for maintaining and expanding the application, which is crucial for daily operations. A very high maintenance cost is an additional incentive to consider migration to a modern platform.


We as a service provider carry out this particular code rewriting. Our Experts use to Analyze current system and breakdown project into tasks. It is very important to finish all the tasks on schedule in order to prevent unexpected system downtime if the App is live. We complete the work on time and the Customer receives a scalable and tested application with the same functionality.


On completion, we successfully deploy the converted .NET C# application at no damage to the system's performance and productivity as per clients satisfaction.

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