Angular 7

Angular 7 is currently the most advanced and a leading TypeScript based open source framework front-end Application Development.  It was in 2018, Google released the previous version of the front-end JavaScript framework Angular 6 in the month of March. And by the same year 2018, we welcomed Angular 7 in the month of October.

The next version Angular 7arrived with many changes, significant updates, and new features. However, the buzz is mainly on the improvements in the platforms with focus on Angular Material 7 and Angular CLI 7.

Angular 6 was a great leap in terms of new features and functionalities; Angular 7 is more of an incremental update and fixes various shortcomings to the features introduced to Angular in version 6 and before. And the best thing is that our research and training has been very successful and our developers have given positive reviews about the updates related to version 7,  saying that it is much quicker.

Some Cool and Amazing features are

CLI Prompt

The CLI will be prompting the users as when they are running the common commands such as ng new or ng add @angular/material with the intent of getting aid for building a new project using SASS. This significantly saves time.

Angular Material & the CDK

Angular 7 has some major improvements and there was a major update in the Material Design. Apart from that, there is freshly included CDK which would receive the benefits of Virtual Scrolling and Drag and Drop.

Virtual Scrolling

The newly added CDK can take advantage of the Virtual Scrolling by importing ScrollingModule. If we have to define Virtual Scrolling, then it is loading or unloading of the DOM elements based on the noticeable aspects of the list. This time around, Google has accelerated the speed of the huge scrollable lists.

Application Performance

Google is committed to improving the performance of the applications and so it first identified the common errors made across the ecosystem. It analyzed the fact that the developers added the reflect-metadata polyfill production, which only helps during the development process.In order to solve this issue and upgrade it for the variant 7, Google decided to eliminate the polyfills.ts file automatically, rather adding it as a built-up step for the creation of application in the JIT mode. The polyfill gets removed from production builds by default.

Documentation Updates

The team has been continuously working on improving the guidelines and reference materials to serve the developers better. The updates related to documentation on angular is one such step including the reference material for the Angular CLI.

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